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About Us

Soubra Trading House, STH, is a trading company established in Beirut 1991. STH operates in the field of import, export and distribution of Cosmetics, Toiletries, Brushes, Beauty items and related accessories. The business started in Lebanon in the 1960’s and has an extensive operation reaching all regions across Lebanon.
Major lines of products are:
*The   prominent   Spanish   Para mi Bebé  line which includes  colognes , Shampoos , Baby Bath and other personal care toiletries. 

*LTPiver perfumes –   Reve D’or , Pompeia brands.

* LyLong Hair Brushes – a wide assortment of Hair Brushes in plastic and wooden handles with Metal, Nylon and Boar Bristles pins.

See the items at our Products page.

STH believed that e-commerce will be the mode of trading in the near future so it established in 1997 www.almaktabah.com  a website to sell books on the internet. 

www.almaktabah.com is an e-commerce site with a global reach. The business started Feb. 1997 it now has customers worldwide. The business currently focuses on Arabic and Islamic issues titles sourced from the Middle East and exported globally.

The Management
Mr. Izzat Soubra is the general manager. 
With a chemistry degree from the American University of Beirut 1978, he started off his career by doing business across the Middle East with M.E.Soubra , then as Riyadh manager for the UK based Tecnon Petrochemicals  Consulting group 1986-1990 ; before taking on the role of STH general manager in 1991.
Since his appointment, the company has expanded its products line and created the e-Commerce division.

History and founder
The founder Misbah  Soubra (1925-1990) started his career as an employee at Haji Ahmed Takieddine  small shop in the Ulamma Wakif Building ( known as Automatic Idriss ) facing the north Door of al Ummari Grand mosque in Beirut in the late 1940 . 

The shop trade business was in Perfumery, Cosmetics, Beauty items and related accessories 
Haji Ahmed Takieddine rewarded Misbah Soubra with a share in the business after he showed vigilance and devotion.

The partners business expanded in Damascus, Beirut and Baghdad.  
In 1963 the total separation of Lebanon and Syria was completed, Haj Ahmed Takieddine took over the Damascus operation and Misbah Soubra the Beirut section. 

Prosperity hit Beirut in 1970-1975 which allowed the business expansion to include all the upper corner of Ulamm wakif building, Offices and warehouse in the adjacent Accra Building and a show room shop in Yard building  Saad Zaghloul street.

Civil war dropped in on March  1975 and what this war did not destroy was taken over by Solidere and then demolished . 

Today STH operates from Traboulsi Bldg 1st flr. Imam Abi Hanifah street , Tallat al Khayat , Beirut 

Major Stock Holders
Soubra Trading House is a privately owned company based in Beirut.

The shareholders are the six children of Misbah Soubra, the founder.

STH continues to work with the support of suppliers and builds on the confidence of its clients. STH plans to develop to a world class organization that set standards of excellence in the trading.

To our clients, we are committed to providing high quality items at the best competitive prices with the support of on time delivery and aftersales services.

The near future is the age of the internet and social media STH is committed to back its business with a strong entry into the modern norms of trade and use it to develop the trading activity worldwide. 


Mr. Izzat M. Soubra, General Manager since 1991

Past experiences include: 
-Six years as Marketing Manager of petrochemical and chemical marketing, planning, 
and consulting activity with TECNON UK LTD. , the London based international consulting company. 

-Six years as Sales Manager with Ets. M.E.Soubra. 

-Bachelor degree in Sciences (Chemistry) from the American University of Beirut.